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The Fire Risk Assessment London

We don’t know what the next moment would bring us, but we should be prepared with all the precautionary measures we can. Fire Risk Assessment is a procedure for any non-domestic premises, it is actually a formal assessment of identifying circumstances or issues which require attention to reduce the likelihood of a fire. It is the responsibility of the owner or responsible person, to carry out a fire risk assessment to identify the risks which are associated with the structure. If you are the owner of the premises, responsible person or an employer, then you must know what can harm the individuals and what measures are necessary to save lives. We can help individuals in this regarding, but providing them with budget friendly fire risk assessment services.


Fire Risk Assessment in London

A lease plan is an accurate sketch/drawing which pin down a leasehold foundering within a residential or commercial property.

Fire Risk Assessment for HMO

HMO Floor Plan is an integral part of the Licencing of HMO’s. It must give a general indication of the property layout and should detail room dimensions. 

Fire Risk Assessment for Flats

fire safety plan assist you with recognizing routes through a building or home in the event of a fire or other emergency.

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